Ashanti Region

The Region is the seat of the kingdom of Ashanti and its capital is Kumasi which is the second largest city in Ghana. The region has endless deposits of gold and also the home of the colorful handwoven kente cloth.

Bobiri Forest Reserve And Butterfly Sanctuary

Bobiri Forest Reserve and Butterfly Sanctuary. It was created in 1931 and it is an ecotourism centre in Ghana and the only butterfly sanctuary in West Africa. It has about 400 species of butterflies and is located on the main Accra – Kumasi Highway at the village of Kubease about 300 kilometers from Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

Bonwire Kente Weaving

Bonwire is the leading centre of kente weaving in Ashanti Region. Kente cloth came about when two friends observed a spider spinning its web. The fabric later became a royal cloth and a symbol of prestige in Ghana. Kente is worn for its symbolic significance not only for its eye catching designs. There are about 300 patterns each with its own name and meaning derived from proverbs, historical events, important chiefs and valuable plants.

Lake Bosumtwi

Located at the south east of Kumasi the capital of Ashanti Region and is a popular recreational area. There are about 30 villages near the lake. The Ashantis consider Lake Bosomtwe as a sacred lake. According to traditional belief, the soul of the dead come to the lake to bid farewell to the goddess called Asase Yaa. As a result, it is considered permissible to fish in the lake.

Manhyia Palace

In Akan language “Oman hyia” means gathering of the people hence, the name Manhyia Palace. The palace is a seat of the Asante King in the Ashanti kingdom as well as his official residence. It is located at Kumasi the capital of Ashanti Region. The first palace is now a museum because King Opoku ware II built the new palace which is close to the old one and is used by the current Ashanti King, King Osei Tutu II

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